Watson, Wiley D.  (Dain Funeral Home Records)

Died:  24 Jul 1890
Age:  70—7—0
Funeral:  Residence
Cemetery:  Riverside
Ordered By:  Sons
Charged To:  Sons


Weigelt, John  (Dain Funeral Home Records)

Died:  31 Jul 1890
Age:  67—8—17
Funeral:  St. Peter's
Cemetery:  St. Paul's
Ordered By:  Son
Charged To:


Whellahan, Patrick  (Dain Funeral Home Records)

Died:  5 Jul 1890
Age:  22—9—0
Funeral:  St. John's
Cemetery:  St. Paul's
Ordered By:  Bridget Whellahan
Charged To:


Whelley, Cornelius  (Dain Funeral Home Records)

Born:  Ireland
Died:  6 Aug 1890
Age:  78—0—0
Funeral:  St. John's
Cemetery:  St. Paul's
Ordered By:  Patrick Whelley
Charged To:  Patrick Whelley


Whitney, Geo. R.  (Dain Funeral Home Records)

Born:  Oswego
Died:  21 Jul 1890
Age:  0—5—10
Funeral:  Residence
Cemetery:  St. Peter's
Ordered By:  Geo. H. Whitney
Charged To:  Geo. H. Whitney


Wood, Frank  (Oswego Palladium Times, 3 Aug 1928)

Final tribute to Frank Wood, veteran of the Spanish American and Word Wars and for several years a member of the State Armory staff, who died in the U. S. Naval hospital at Brooklyn, N. Y., July 30, was paid this morning when funeral was held from the home of William Boardman, 46 Ellen street at 9 o’clock and at St. John’s church at 9:30 o’clock where a requiem high mass was celebrated by the Rev. Michael Grahan.


There was a large attendance of friends of the deceased. Burial was made in St. Peter’s cemetery, where taps were sounded, and the final volley given as the body was lowered into the grave by a firing squad and musician who included Sergeant F. W. Mellwaine, Corporal M. D. Nihoff, John J. France, Verne T. Quesnell, Private Edmond and Robert Matott, Francis N. Ryan, Francis A. King, John M. Doyle and Musician T. M. Ross.


Friends and co—workers who acted as bearers were James C. Spencer, Roland T. Clark, Fred J. Wilson, James Sheridan, Neil T. Hayes and James May.


Woolson, Mrs. Jesse M.  (Oswego Palladium Times, 3 Aug 1928)

NORTH SCRIBA, Aug. 3—Minnie A. Woolson, 53, wife of Jesse M. Woolson, died suddenly this morning at her home here.


Mrs. Woolson was born in this town and had always made her home here. She leaves, besides her husband, two daughters, Marguerite and Genevieve; a sister, Mrs. Lana White of Scriba Corners, and a brother, Meigs Fish.


Funeral services will be conducted at her residence Monday at 3 p.m. Burial will be made in North Scriba cemetery.



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