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1807 Census

Town of Richland

The following census of the town of Richland, Oswego Co., was taken from a paper found in the miscellaneous room of the library in Albany State Capitol.  As this room suffered the most in the fire that later burnt out the library, it is probable the original has been destroyed, although I never inquired.


Richland in 1807 included the present town of Albion, Orvill, Boyleston, Sandy Creek, Richland and the northern and northeast sections of Mexico.


Lester Card

Syracuse, N.Y.


The following is the heading and names from an original census of N.Y. State, in 1807, and found in N.Y. State Library by Mr. Huntington and given by him to Lester Card.

Name of Elector Those possessed of Freeholds worth £ — 100 Those possessed of Freeholds worth over £ 20 and under 100 Those not possessed of Freeholds but renting tenements at the yearly rental of 40s. or over
Chase, Joseph X    
Roads, Jonathan X    
Vorce, Samuel X    
Spaid, Joseph X    
Jones, Pliny X    
Jones, Israel X    
Smith, William X    
St. John, Justice X    
Holmes, John X    
Gillispie, Peleg   X  
Kellogg, Timothy   X  
Bennett, Reuben   X  
Eames, Daniel X    
Wales, William X    
Calkins, Jonathan X    
Stimson, Alexander X    
Ingerson, Alexander X    
Lehigh, Isaac X    
Bull, Benjamin X    
Taylor, Stephen X    
Pride, John C. X    
Chaplin, Jeremiah X    
Clary, Daniel X
Sworn to by John C. Pride, com'r before Gershom Hall, JP at Richland 11-28-1807
Whiteside, Peter X    
Curtis, Truman   X  
Noyes, Nathan     X
Bleakley, Eber     X
Hollis, Joshua     X
Balch, Timothy     X
Hurd, Asahel     X
Robertson, William     X
Harding, George     X
Whiteside, Peter     X
Lyon, William     X
Howe, Charles     X
Howe, Elias     X
Linsey, Stephen     X
Knickerbocker, Jeremiah     X
Ramsdale, Moses     X
Bailey, Salmon     X
Hurd, Joseph     X
Goodwin, Samuel     X
Harrington, Villina (or Hisington, William)     X
Porter, Ashbel     X
Porter, Ashbel, Jr.     X
Porter, Moses     X
Meigs, Jesse     X
Meacham, John     X
Winch, Benjamin X
Meacham, Simeon     X
Darling, John     X
Brown, Daniel     X
Meacham, Isaac     X
Fitch, Stephen     X
Upton, John     X
Lilly, Phineas     X
Brewster, Ephram     X
Hale, Gershom     X
Harmon, Thaddeus     X
Muzzy, William     X
Ellis, Jacob     X
Maxon, Ellis     X
Hadley, Simeon     X
Wilder, Clark     X
Bishop, Asa     X
Tracy, Stark     X
Dunlop, Smith     X
Sworn to by Smith Dunlop this 10-3-1807 before me Joseph Hurd, JP



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